How to clean a headstone

Headstones installed in a cemetery or any other outside location must be cleaned from time to time to increase its longevity. Headstones of your loved ones and ancestors need proper maintenance. Depending upon the age and condition of a headstone, the overall cleaning process can either be a long and difficult task or can be done in an easy manner.

How to Choose a Headstone

People buy a headstone in order to memorialize the memory of a loved one for years to come. When it comes to buying a headstone, there are many important aspects that you need to think about. A headstone chosen after due considerations and thorough research will help in honoring a life well-lived. Here are some tips to choose the right… Read more →

Interesting Headstone Facts That You Must Know

Throughout the history of human civilization, different cultures mourn and treat death differently. But burial was a common practice in many cultures. In the US, for decades burial was preferred over cremation and there was also the trend of using a headstone to mark a grave. Usually a headstone is installed in a cemetery in order to preserve the memory of a… Read more →

Fascinating and Interesting Headstone History

Headstones are also known as tombstones or gravestones in many parts of the world. Headstones are memorial stones set in the memory of the person at his or her grave. The history of headstone is very interesting as well as fascinating too as you get to know about attitudes, beliefs, and livelihoods of our ancestors. Let’s have a brief look at headstone… Read more →