Use Headstones to Memorialize a Pet

To tribute the life of a beloved pet, the idea of using a pet memorial is becoming more popular every day. As far as pet memorials are concerned, the first choice amongst pet owners is a headstone.

Using a headstone in the memory of a beloved pet is not a new concept. In fact this idea became popular and fashionable in the 1940’s when across America ‘pet cemeteries’ were introduced. The idea of pet cemetery became so popular over years that today, at least one pet cemetery can be found in every large city across America.

Pet headstone

In the market you can find plenty of dealers and manufacturers like,, and many more that offer pet headstones and other types of pet memorials. In fact, many companies in the memorial industry have special products solely devoted to memorials for pets.

Pet headstones are beautiful pieces that capture a pet’s memory forever. As a pet is an extension of a human family, pet headstones are always designed to meet the highest memorial industry standards. You can get a pet headstone installed in a private residence or in any specially designated pet cemetery.

In a pet cemetery, headstones are treated with the same amount of grace and respect that one would expect from a human cemetery. To understand the concept of pet headstones you must visit the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in southern California. Here you can find a huge collection of pet headstones on display. Irrespective of where you choose to install the pet headstone, it will help to preserve the memory of your beloved pet for ages.

Also a pet headstone, can help families to cope with the loss they will surely feel at the death of a pet with whom they have so many special memories. It is important, of course, to recognize that the difficult emotions associated with losing a pet are as valid as any other human feeling, and dealing with them is important for healthy living.

Accordingly, many pet owners have found pet headstones to be a particular comfort. By looking at the permanently installed headstone, the fond memories of a lost pet will always come to your mind. This way you can always keep the memories of your beloved pet alive in your heart for years to come.

You can choose a simple or elaborate headstone for your beloved pet which you can find at Also you can opt for a headstone engraved with an epitaph. A good pet epitaph can simply be a pet’s name, followed by the years of his or her life. This style of pet epitaph is chosen by the vast majority of pet owners.

Apart from the standard name-and-dates pet epitaph, you can also choose some poem, spiritual sayings, and Bible verses as epitaphs. If you wish you can also use some special wordings of your own. Such kind of an epitaph, no matter what it says, it comes from the heart and is full of love for the memory of your beloved pet. To get some more idea about epitaphs, check

To sum up, pet headstones are beautiful and interesting pet memorial concept, you can also consider one for you own beloved, cherished friend.

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