Memorialize a Couple Together With Companion Headstones

Generally a headstone is used to memorialize the life of a deceased, but with a companion headstone you can memorialize a couple together. Companion headstones are larger in size as compared to individual headstones. This means these headstones have more space for a couple to be memorialized together after both of them have died. These headstones can be customized by including photos of the couple, epitaphs and some kind of special message from the family members.

The couple, who are in deep love with each other and cannot imagine living a life without their partner, can get much comfort from companion headstones. This way even after their death they can share the same space with their loving and caring partner. 

Companion headstone

Usually, these headstones are made from granite or bronze which are known for their sturdiness and can last for years. As these headstones are larger in size, there is enough space to include the names, birth dates, and death dates in addition to a small epitaph that highlights the love shared between two persons who always wanted to be buried side by side after their death. This way couples are memorialized rather than single individuals. With a companion headstone, beloved couples will always remain together for years to come.

Most of the companion headstones come in traditional and classic designs either made from granite or bronze. Bit larger than single headstones, there are many things that can be done to give a unique touch to the look and feel of the headstones. You can also opt for upright companion headstones or flat companion headstones to capture the love shared by a couple. The design of such headstones can be customized as per your specifications and can even include photos of the couple.  Generally, these grave markers can hold a minimum of two designs along with some photos of the couples or a mounted vase.  Before buying a headstone for a couple, it is very essential to be aware of the rules and regulations of a particular cemetery in regards to the size of the headstone. There are many cemeteries in the US, where a particular size of headstones can be installed only.

It is not that a companion headstone can be purchased only after the death of both the partners. In fact, one can opt for a companion headstone even when one of the partners is still alive. Here the information regarding one of the deceased are engraved at the time of installation of the headstone. Later on after the death of the other partner, all the necessary information is added on it. There are many couples who prefer to choose their very own companion headstone in order to memorialize the love and respect for each other.

Headstone for couples

At the same time, companion headstones can also be used to memorize the life of a couple even if the remains of both the partners are processed differently. For instance, in situations where one of the partners is buried while the other one is cremated. Here a companion headstone can be used to memorialize the life of the person whose body is cremated alongside the burial ground of the other person.

To conclude, with a companion headstone you can link couples together for generations to come and the survivors can acknowledge the sacred love shared by them. So, it’s time to honor your parents with a companion headstone or else you can buy one for yourself to memorialize the love you share with your life partner.

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