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Dogs are regarded as a man’s best friend due to their unconditional love and faithful nature. Having a loyal dog in life can make you feel special. This is why when a dog dies; it leaves a hole in the life of the owner and people find it really difficult to cope with the grief. Well, dog owners can get some solace with some creative ideas to memorialize the life of their beloved pet. One easy way to do so is mark the final resting place of the dog with a headstone.

To commemorate the life of a beloved dog and to honor that special relationship, nothing can be better than a headstone or a grave marker. There are different types of headstones available in the market that you purchase to mark the final resting place of your beloved dog.

Headstones designed for dog are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the headstones for dogs are similar to headstones designed for human beings in shape and style with the only different being in the size. These pet headstones made from different materials such as granite, bronze, resin or wood. On top of that these headstones can be easily customized with name of your pet, some important dates, one or two personalized quotes and even a photo of the pet. The various options of customization help people to decide how they want to remember their dog in coming years. When it comes to headstones for pets such as dogs, there are many different types to choose from.

The four most popular types of headstones for dogs are:

Engraved Dog Markers:

Engraved Dog Markers

These headstones look very similar to the headstones made for human graves. The only major difference is the size. These headstones are available in both horizontal and vertical shape and are usually made from granite or marble. There is an engraved metal plate attached to the front or top of the design of the headstone. These headstones can be easily customized with the name and other important information related to a pet dog. In some of the headstones, there is also the provision to include a photo of the dog.

Engraved Dog Stones:

Engraved Dog Stones

These headstones are designed with natural stones such as river rocks, small pieces of slate and any other kind of irregular stones. On the natural shape of a stone engraving is done. Depending upon the size of the stone, the word limit for the engraved information is determined. Basically the name of the dog, important dates and a small quote can be engraved. In some cases customized artwork can also be incorporated.

Cast Plaque Stones:

Cast Plaque Stones

Quite similar to natural stones in look, these stones are made of plastic or different types of cast material like concrete. Such stones can either sit flush to the ground or sit up proudly to mark the resting place of a beloved pet. As these stones are produced in bulk, these are less expensive as compared to other types of dog headstones. One drawback of such headstones is that there is very less options for customization. While you can find some designs with specific slots to incorporate a photograph or paper with words. However no customization is possible in regards to shape of the headstone.

Memorial Dog Statues:

Memorial Dog Statues

Memorial statues can also be used as headstones for dogs. Such memorial statues can be made from concrete, bronze, resin or carved stone. You can find such status in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. You can even find statues that come with a secret chamber where the cremated remains or small things related to the pet can be stored. Customization can also be done. In some of the statues there are engraved plaques, while others are carved and some of the statues can even be attached to a flat headstone with the name of the pet and other important information engraved on it.

All the above mentioned headstones for dogs can help you to honor the special relationship shared by you and your dog. At the same time these headstone help the owner to mourn and to memorialize the life of their beloved pet for years to come. You can install the headstones in a pet cemetery or, if you prefer, in your very own backyard or garden.

To conclude, with a headstone, the bond shared between a dog and its owner can easily be maintained even after the death of the dog. You can choose a headstone for your dog over the Internet or from any other local stop that deals in headstones.


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