How to Install a Headstone Without Concrete

Buying a headstone is a big task as you need to consider the color, size, shape and design of the headstone along with the rules of the cemetery where you want to put the headstone. One the headstone is choosen and delivered to you the next important task is to install it. For installing a headstone there are two options. First one is with concrete and the other one is without concrete.

Well, for installing a headstone without concrete you need to have a small headstone like a flat grave marker, infant grave marker, granite grass marker, military grave marker and so on. In fact, you can install a headstone without concrete that are not larger than 24” x 12” x 4”.This option is not good for larger one as it will not set properly without the use of cement.

Small headstone

For installing a grave marker without concrete you can take help of a professional or do it yourself. In fact you can easily install a small headstone with the help of one of your family members or friends. For the installation you will need certain things such as:

  • Shovel
  • Bag of sand
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

Once you have the above mentioned materials you can start the process. But before you begin installing a headstone, make sure you have the permission to do so from the cemetery. There are some cemeteries in the USA where you cannot install a headstone on your own. In such cemeteries installation can be done by a licensed monument installer only.

If you have the permission to install the headstone on your own, you can start the process. First of all you need to take the measurement of the headstone along with the size of the burial plot where the headstone will be installed. Once you have taken the measurement add one inch more on each side the headstone and note down the figures correctly on a piece of paper. For example if the headstone measures 22” x 10”, then your actual measurement should be 24” x 12”.

Now it is time to outline the burial plot and then with the help of a shovel dig out the sand and keep it in the side. Make sure to dig down deep enough according to the thickness of the marker. Once you have dug deep enough, handle the marker gently and put it into the hole. Place a level on the marker to check whether it lies perfectly flat. In case of any problem, lift the headstone out of the hole and raise the marker with the help of sand so that the level is in proportion.

Once the headstone is flat and fits into the outline perfectly, tap the stone gently. Do not put too much pressure or else the stone will break. Make sure the headstone is firmly located. Lastly, you need to clean the nearby area properly and you are done with the installation process. Once in a while take out time to clean the headstone to increase its durability.

To conclude, since a headstone marks the grave of your loved one for centuries it is important to get it installed in a proper manner. If you think you cannot do justice to the task, it is better to take help of a professional.


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