How to Choose a Headstone

People buy a headstone in order to memorialize the memory of a loved one for years to come. When it comes to buying a headstone, there are many important aspects that you need to think about. A headstone chosen after due considerations and thorough research will help in honoring a life well-lived. Here are some tips to choose the right headstone:


Know about the cemetery rules:

Before you start looking for a headstone, visit the cemetery where the deceased will be buried and check out their rules and regulations regarding the type and size of headstone that can be installed there. In the US there are many cemeteries that allow some specific kinds of headstone only. If you do not have the time to visit the cemetery personally you can always ask someone to gather some information on your behalf. Also if the cemetery has a website then you can easily get the necessary information online.

Learn about installation facilities:

Next important thing to know about is whether the cemetery chosen by you offer installation services of the headstones or not. In the US, some cemeteries do not have the necessary resources for headstone installation. At the office of the cemetery there will be someone who can throw some light on this factor. If the cemetery offers the installation service then there is nothing to worry about. But in case the cemetery does not offer the service, you need to look for a monument installer too. Some times the cemetery can give you some references of monument installers.

Decide on the type of headstone:

Once you have gathered all the necessary information regarding the types of headstones allowed at the cemetery, you need to start considering your options. In the market you can find a wide variety of headstones made from different kinds of materials. There are differences in shapes and sizes of headstones also. Some headstones are upright, some for flat and some come in unique shapes. You can also find headstones constructed from granite, bronze, marble and so on. Discuss with family members and make a final decision regarding the shape, size, color and material for the headstone.

Compose the epitaph:

Once you are sure about the type of headstone you want to buy, it is time to compose the epitaph. If you want something simple you can just include the person’s name along with his birth date and death date. You can also go for an elaborate epitaph by including a favorite poem of the deceased, some spiritual phrases or popular Biblical verse related to death. Here you also need to make the decision regarding additional engraved emblems like hearts and angels that you can include on the headstone. You can also give a personal touch to the headstone by using a photograph of the deceased.

Set the budget and order it:

Now determine your budget in order to save time and shop wisely. Once you know your budget you can start looking for the right product. Depending upon your convenience, you can buy a headstone from an online shop or from a traditional shop. No matter from where you decide to buy a headstone, research the market properly to get a headstone at substantially discounted rate. Before making the payment, check the delivery and installation policies. You can even ask the dealer to get a computer rendering of the headstone chosen by you that displays the color, design and texture of the stone plus the engraving or wording.

Get it installed:

Once the headstone gets delivered, you need to check the installation part. Depending upon the rules and regulations of the cemetery, get the headstone installed. Once done inform family members and close friends of the deceased about it so that they can also come to the cemetery and show their respect towards the deceased. From time to time the headstone needs to be cleaned in order to maintain its longevity. You can clean the headstone yourself or hire some professionals to do it.

To conclude, with the above mentioned tips you can easily choose a headstone to mark the grave of the deceased. A headstone serves as a reminder to others how special the deceased was and it is also an everlasting tribute that can be cherished for years to come. So do your research properly and consult with others before buying a headstone.


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  1. mairee ROBERTSON
    mairee ROBERTSON at | | Reply

    I wish to place a headstone on my mothers grave, and need a quote on the one above. I also wish to have a small surround with white stones and a flower vase
    inserted into the headstone. I also am looking for simple elegant as this is true of my mother. I am also wishing to seek permission to place a seat at blue waters lake ocean grove where she used to walk with my children I need council approval,
    this will contain a plaque with commemorative wording. My mother is buried in Pt Lonsdale Cemetery

  2. Corine Gibbs
    Corine Gibbs at | | Reply

    I need somein for my friend she passed away I’m Feb of this year and her family don’t have any money

  3. Lillian Moore
    Lillian Moore at | | Reply

    Thanks for the article! I was surprised to read that a cemetery has rules about headstones, needing to know these rules is a great way to decide the type and look of the headstone. The US has many cemeteries that only allow a particular type of headstone. I helped in choosing the headstone for my grandmothers grave and though I hadn’t done the research on the headstone rules, thankfully, my mother had. We were able to pick a nice headstone but it was not as nice as others we had seen in other cemeteries. I really appreciate the advice you have given on how to pick a headstone, I will be using these tips in the future.

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