Granite Headstones Designed To Last For Generations

Amongst all the different types of materials used for making headstones, granite is the most popular one in the market. Durability and beautiful look of granite are the main reasons behind its popularity as a material for making high quality headstones. Granite is a kind of igneous rock composed of four different minerals such as mica,quartz, hornblende and feldspar. Granite is used for making headstones as it can withstand pressure and can bear the natural calamities. At the same time the engraving done on granite stone is visible for years to come. Also granite is available in a wide variety of colors and crystalline textures which can suit different tastes and preferences.

Granite headstone

Headstones made of granite are highly popular in the market as granite is regarded as the strongest type of material in the world. But when looking for a granite headstone, one need to remember that there are different types of granite in the market and there are differences between two types of granite. These differences can be noticed in color, strength, bulk density, compressive strength and so on.

Granite headstones are exceedingly strong and will last for thousands of years. The strength and durability of a granite headstone is such that only a miracle can cause damage to it. Even after years, it will be really difficult to crack or break a granite headstone. Granite headstones are available in various colors such as India Red, Jet Black, Tropical Green, Blue Pearl, India Mahogany, Mountain Red, Classic Gray, Light Pink, Aurora, Multi Red and so on.

Granite color shades      
But when you shop for granite headstones, you can see that some colors of granite are more expensive than others. Here pricing of headstones are decided on rarity of the material rather than the color quality. So, when buying a granite headstone, you need to give stress on the quality aspect and opt for one that suits your tastes and budget.

Granite headstones are made from natural granite. This natural materia is formed from molten lava. The overall process of making granite headstone is lengthy and can be categorized into three steps. The first step starts with quarrying the granite. Here a piece if granite is obtained from an open excavation through various processes known as digging, blasting, cutting or wire-sawing. This process is done by skilled workers only. Here the stones are given a special shape and finish for making a headstone. 

The second step involves the designing and lettering process. Here a skilled artist creates a stencil of the lettering. Usually a stencil is created by hand. But nowadays computer stencil-cutting machines are also used for doing the task. The stencil is then stuck to the granite headstone.  

The final step is the carving process. Here the headstones are taken to a sandblasting room where a worker uses high air pressure and special techniques to carve out the design and lettering. After this, the carved areas are hand painted in black on lighter shade granite stones and white on darker shade granite stones in order to highlight the design. Both the lettering on granite headstones and the paint are guaranteed to last for generations. The headstone is finally ready for delivery and installation in a cemetry.

To conclude, if you are looking for a headstone that can last 1000 years or more, then granite headstone should be your choice. Buying a good quality granite headstone will not ensure is durability. You need to clean the headstone at regular intervals to increase its longevity.

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