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A headstone is also known by the name of gravestone and tombstone. It is a permanent marker used in the cemetery to mark the grave of a beloved person. Well, when it comes to buying a headstone, there are plenty of things that need to be considered. One such thing is the type of headstone you want. In the market you can find headstones in different shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Amongst the different types of headstone, one popular type is upright headstones.

What is an upright headstone?

Upright headstones are tall, thick and wide with rounded tops. Made out of various materials such as concrete or marble, these headstones are available in different shapes and designs, ranging from simple to personalized sculptures. The traditional look and feel of upright headstones help in paying tribute to a departed soul. 

Three popular types of upright headstones:

Single Upright Headstones

Single Upright Headstones

Also known as single tombstones, single upright headstones are a kind of memorials that are designed to stand above the level of the ground. They are available in the market in various shapes and sizes. Some of the popular shapes include rectangular, heart designs, round and oval. These headstones are generally created from any color granite having different textures. The main reason behind the huge demand for single upright headstones is that here customization is possible. Not just names and dates, but the design of these headstones can even reflect the personality of the deceased.

Companion Upright Headstones

Companion Upright Headstones

Also known as double upright headstones, companion upright headstones come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials. These upright headstones are large in size and usually represent two grave spaces. These headstones are generally available in shapes like rectangular, heart designs, round and oval. Companion headstones look good in any color granite and are generally ordered for a couple to rest together forever after both of them have died.

Child and Infant Upright Headstones

Child and Infant Upright Headstones

These types of upright headstones typically can be suctomized easily and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. To cope with the loss of a child is very difficult for any parents and so it is necessary to memorialize their final resting place in a beautiful manner. With infant and child upright headstones you can memorialize the life of your little angel in a nice way. Different fonts, borders and artwork can be used to make the memorial unique. You can find these headstones in popular colors of granite such as red, gray, brown, and jet black, and even green.

Important Point

When choosing an upright headstone you need to decide on different aspects such as what style of finish, what shape of stone and the type of base you want. When making a final decision regarding finish, stone and size, you need to bear in mind the rules and regulation of the cemetery where you would install the headstone. Each cemetery in the US has its own specifications regarding stone size, materials and bases that can be used.


Upright headstones are available in the market to suit all budgets and taste preferences. Also if you wish to customize an upright headstone, it can be easily done.


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    I lost a Daughter when I was 5 months pregnant…. we r looking for a headstone. Her name was Emily Nicole Hanicek. If u could design something with her name & show me via e-mail…. we might consider ur company. Thank you very much.

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